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Get the best sim racing rig...

Introducing the CTR Pro Racing Rig

With our years of driving and car experience, we have put together the very best racing sim rig available on the market today.

From choosing the best seats, and monitors to partnering with the best in sim racing companies to get the best wheelbases and wheels to put the ultimate home sim rig together.


Starting off with the base

Getting the base right is so important when building your sim rig, so we have partnered with the best in the field.

We wanted a strong and sturdy base with a small footprint and this is where the TrackTime Race Rig comes in.

With options for all makes and models of steering wheelbases, pedals, and monitors. This is the best on the market.

Lets get comfortable

Next, we talk about the seat, this is something that will make a huge difference in how long you can drive.

We recommend the amazing Cobra Nogaro seat which we have in our very own CTR Vantage.

With this part of your rig, you will be able to drive for hours while keeping super comfortable.


Console or PC


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